Tamenco GmbH is a trading company that specializes in the supply of:
- commodities.
- industrial consumables.
- machinery and spare parts.
- construction materials.
- medical equipment.
- food products.
Our head office is located in Wiesbaden, Germany and our expert team has good experience in sourcing products from a variety of different origins whilst maintaining the best balance between quality and cost.

We focus mainly on the export of EU made products and services to emerging markets such as North Africa and the Middle East where we have a strong presence.
Our team members have vast experience in the countries we operate in and thus we are best positioned to understand the needs of our clients and serve our partners.
Therefore, we are exclusively positioned to represent a variety of European companies in emerging markets where there are many exciting opportunities.
Our business development team can offer advice on complete market conditions and business opportunities and cooperate in applying for tender bid projects for public and private sectors.
We are always keen to develop new business relationships, while continuing to maintain the valuable partnerships we have.
Tamenco GmbH is exclusively positioned to fulfil any order and project. Due to our experience, track record and reputation we will strive to offer the best service.